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The benefits of repairing a vehicle wheel could save your life and make you look great.

Wheels are an essential part of a vehicle. They serve a huge functional purpose of physically moving the vehicle forward and backward. They also add a certain aesthetic to any car, truck, or SUV. If you ask any kid to draw a car, they will really focus on the wheels even if they don't realize why they are so important. As you grow up, you never forget that the wheels are part of the car, but you become so familiar with them that you forget how significant they are until they become damaged.

If you asked any average driver if they have ever driven over a curb, you would immediate notice that it happens to everyone at some time. When your wheel makes contact with the concrete barriers on the side of a street, that's called curb rash. It takes the paint off of your wheels and creates the beginning of other structural issues.

Repair for wheels is a rare service in the United State, but especially so in Arkansas. We started offering complete restoration from scratched paint to bent rims to fill the need for drivers in the state. It's such a rare service that most people don't know that it's even an option to repair a wheel rather than purchase a replacement, saving you hundreds of dollars and countless hours trying to hunt down the perfect match.

Here are the 3 main reasons that you should fix a damaged wheel:


If your wheels are unbalanced or out of alignment, it can cause irregular tread wear and shorten tire life. Inspect your treadwear. Worn-out or damaged treads are extremely dangerous, as they affect stopping distance and contribute to car accidents. Driving on a damaged wheel can reduce the tire lifespan by half or even more.


Bent wheels can become out of round from thirty thousandths to over one-hundred thousandths. Bent wheels can cause minor to severe vibration, uneven tire wear, damage to your steering column, or even a sudden blowout.


The types of wheels and tires a car has will affect the resale value of a car. The condition of the wheels and tires will also be taken into consideration. Wheels and rims tend to be a touchy subject. You may like a particular set of 3rd-party aftermarket wheels; however, there is a chance potential buyers will not.

For all of your wheel restoration needs, call Complete Wheel Restoration. We are located in Central Arkansas and travel to your location to bring your wheels back to life.



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