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Wheel Repair in Arkansas

Save time, money, and your wheels.



Complete Wheel Restoration Wheel Repair Central Arkansas

Wheel Repair

Restore your wheels back to like-new condition. Call us when you have a bent, scratched, or damaged wheel.

Complete Wheel Restoration Wheel Paint Restoration Central Arkansas

Wheel Paint Restoration

Scratching your wheels is a common issue, but you don't have to keep that scratch. We match and repaint your wheel back to perfection.

Complete Wheel Restoration Machined Face Wheel Repair Central Arkansas

Machined Face Wheel Repair

Machine-faced wheels are designed using special tools. We have the same equipment to restore your wheels back to their original beauty.

If You Have Been Searching for a Wheel Replacement: STOP!

Repairing your vehicle's wheel is an option that most people aren't aware of. It saves you money, time, and frustration. There are so few professionals in the wheel repair industry in Arkansas that it's easy to miss. Our years of skilled service will have you back on the road and looking great in no time. We respond to any wheel repair request within 24 hours.



A collection of cars we've renovated with passion



Complete Wheel Restoration is based in Central Arkansas. We use professionally developed skills and equipment to repair vehicle wheels across the state to save our customers time and money. Replacing a wheel after jumping a curb, bending a rim, or scratching a machine-faced wheel can cost up to $2,000 or more. Using our service can restore your wheel to like-new condition and get your back on the road safely while looking great. If you have been searching for a wheel replacement: STOP! Call us first.  

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Complete Wheel Restoration

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